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Severe toothache, infection or injury in your mouth or teeth that needs urgent attention?

Turn to your dentist

If you are registered with a dentist:

You should contact your dental practice for an appointment. Even if your practice is closed, you will hear a message which provides details of their out of hours arrangements for providing advice and treatment.

If you are not registered with a dentist:

In order to receive the full range of dental treatment and care under the NHS, you must be registered with a dentist.

When you register with a dentist you’ll be registered for life, unless you or your dentist request your registration to be withdrawn.

If you attend another dentist for treatment and don’t tell them you’re registered elsewhere, your registration will automatically transfer to that dentist.

Not all dentists will take on new NHS patients so it’s important to ask them if they’re able to take you on as an NHS patient during your first contact with them.

You can find dentists in your area using our National Services Directory.

Are you worried about persistent mouth, tooth or gum problems? Arrange an appointment with your dentist to get a dental check up.