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Our Practice Link Practitioner

Photo of Kayleigh Stockley

Kayleigh Stockley is your Links worker

The Links Worker Programme – CLP (Community Links Practitioner)

Kayleigh Stockley is your  Community Links Practitioner and is attached to the practice on a full time basis. Her role is to assist people to access community resources that will support them to live well.

Your GP or any practice staff member can refer you to Kayleigh,  or alternatively you can refer yourself.

We can support you with:

  • Adapting to a diagnosis – Information about your health condition with practical support to understand your condition.
    • Living well day to day – Side by side support to focus on what matters to you to improve your life.
    • Facing challenges and crises – Support to feel confident and find the strength to prepare for life’s challenges.
    • Navigating systems – Advice on what’s in your community and how to make your choices happen.
    • Dying well – Personalised support to prepare for death or coping with loss.

The Links Approach

Kayleigh will provide the above service by using a Links Approach that we are aiming to integrate into the primary care teams practice. The approach will engage the entire practice team and help them develop the capacity to support self-management. This will be achieved through shared learning and additional access to up to date community information.

The programme is a partnership between the Health and Social Care Alliance (the Alliance) and General Practitioners at the Deep End (The Deep End).

The Links Workers Programme is a Scottish Government funded programme which aims to explore how the Primary Care team can support people to Live Well in their community.


The Alliance is a company registered by guarantee. Registered in Scotland No 307731 charity number SC037475