Registering with the Practice

To register with the practice, you must be intending to live in the area for longer than 3 months from the date of registration and you must live in one of the following postal districts:

Croftfoot Surgery – G44 postal codes, Arnprior Quadrant, Arnprior Street, Cavin Drive, Cavin Road, Croftfoot Quad, Croftfoot Road

Gorbals Surgery – G5 postal codes

You will be required to provide proof of address and photographic ID.

You need to complete a registration form and a health questionnaire which will provide useful information whilst we wait for your medical records to arrive from your previous doctor.To speed up the process, you can complete and print the forms using the links below. You then need to attend in person at the surgery to submit your forms to us.

Registration Form

Health Questionnaire

Please complete both forms for all family members wishing to register with us.

You will be offered a registration medical with either the Health Care Support Worker or the Practice Nurse. Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. Please ask at reception to arrange an appointment.

In the event that you do not attend your appointment and fail to cancel it in advance, you may not be able to register with us.

Please refer to our Practice Charter for the rights and responsibilities of our patients.

Please present original documents as proof of identity and residency. Photocopies are not accepted. Patients are also advised to the read the NHS counter fraud declaration before signing the registration form.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to register with your chosen GP. For example, you may live too far away. If this is the case simply choose another GP in your local area.

Once you have been accepted as a patient, your medical records will be transferred to the Practice, please note medical cards are no longer issued.

If you default from your new patient appointment and do not inform the reception staff you may be refused acceptance on to the Practice list.

Registration Policy

In accordance with current  recommendations, all new patients should present two forms of identification. This is required to reduce and prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain or misuse NHS care. Overseas visitors may be asked for additional information to prove NHS entitlement.

One form of identity must ideally be photographic such as:

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Official ID card from Public Services body
  • Student matriculation card (current year)

Other documents for prove of residency that are acceptable are:

  • Recent utility bill (within last 3 months)
  • Council Tax document
  • Television Licence
  • Payslips (last two months)
  • Rent book/agreement (Public Body or Private Landlord)
  • Bank Statement (Name and address section only required)
  • Solicitors Letter- (Clearly showing name and address)

If unable to provide photographic evidence then you must present one of the above and one of the following:-

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • DivorceAnnulment Papers.

N.B. The above list is not exhaustive and staff are entitled to ask for further proof if required. Please note you will not be registered with the practice if you cannot provide the documents required to prove NHS eligibility.

 Who is entitled to free health care treatment from the NHS?

You are entitled to free necessary treatment from the NHS if you are either:

  • a full time student from any country on a course for more than 6 months
  • studying on a course of any duration which is substantially funded by the UK Government
  • from a country which is part of the European Union (EU) *
  • from a country which is not from the European Union (EU) that has a bilateral agreement
  • the husband or wife of any of the above and living here whilst your wife or husband is a student
  • a dependent of any of the above: A dependent is any child under 16 or under 19 if in full time education
  • More information and a list of countries with bilateral arrangements can be found at thDepartment of Health website. 

* If you are a student from another country in the European Union, here for less than 6 months, you will require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which must be obtained from your home country.

Will I need health care insurance?

If you are not covered by any of the above it is advisable to ensure you have adequate health care insurance as payment will be necessary if you receive any health care in this country.

The following services are free of charge for everyone:

Emergency treatment in any Accident and Emergency department

  • Emergency treatment in any NHS Walk-in Centre providing Accident and Emergency type services
  • Treatment for certain infectious diseases
  • Compulsory psychiatric treatment
  • Family planning services (sexual health)